MODIFIKASI Honda Vario 2008

Pretty cool if Vario berbodi manufacturer standards dimodif low rider, owner of pride for the Vario. Although for a beginner who first played MODIF. "The concept of low rider is fitted, when considered with the wide body orsi Vario," open MODIF 3H Tandiono from home on Jl. Barata Jaya 11, Surabaya.

Faiz F. Dzulfiqar owner ordered to be dominant in the gold color accents asesonya. Initial process dressed legs, behind the front rim profile variations of the product entrusted 300-14 and 500-14 forwarded installation Swallow 120/70-14 and 150/60-14 tires.

Tread front feet firmly embraced quasi orsi combined vario fork slider Combiz product. Who's behind footprints made back 20 cm, through the addition of handmade engine mounting bracket.

The key there is comfort in the rear corner of the modeled quasi la monosok. By Tandiono setup at an angle of 40 degrees and installed double of YSS Touch Up 28 cm. Stang wheel to follow the theme of the model low rider and designed large and thick, with the following additional products Raiser and head stem KTC.

Use of hand grip Dipernyaman Yoshimura KTC brake lever side by side with gold color and motif Koso mirror chrome. To simplify and speed control stations, installing a brand indicator Koso.

Views aseso gold color is also represented by the casing of the radiator, foot rest, front axle rear cover, deck floors, Visor, CVT casing and exhaust mufflers. "The color of this gold boom has also been confirmed in these months," convinced a lot of observing skutik Tandiono after the Amendment shopping mania gold color. : Pid

Airs next: Combiz, floor decks: Yoshimura, mirror: Koso, handgrip: Yoshimura. Brake lever: KTC, Stang wheel: Model large and thick low rider, front discs: KTC, Caliper: KTC Mini 4 Piston, Air Filters: Koso, CVT Filter: Koso, rim: 300-14 & 500-14, Monosok: YSS Touch Up , Exhaust: Yoshimura,

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